3 al 5 de diciembre de 2011
Audio de la conferencia de Julián Schvindlerman:

Los desafíos y amenazas que enfrentan las
comunidades judías en América Latina

An exciting list of Policy Conference speakers
We have confirmed a world-class array of policy experts to speak on the issues of
most importance to the world Jewish community:
Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
Former Chilean President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, son of former Chilean President Eduardo Frei Montalva, was the second president of the restored democracy in Chile between 1994 and 2000. His government oversaw robust economic growth, enhancing international trade opportunities and efforts to increase the democratic representation of Chilean citizens. Frei also promoted health care and education reforms while in office. During his administration, Chile entered into MERCOSUR, a South American free-trade organization, as an associate. Frei, an engineer and a leader of the Christian Democratic Party, was president of the senate and today serves as a senator in Chile.
Moshe Yaalon, Vice-Prime Minister of Israel, with a look at the international challenges facing the Jewish state. Emilio Cardenas, former ambassador of Argentina to the United Nations, focusing on Latin American policies as they relate to the U.S. and Europe.
Hannah Rosenthal, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, U.S. Department of State, to discuss anti-Semitism around the world with a special look at Latin America.
Julian Schvindlerman, internationally known political analyst and expert on Vatican policy toward the Jewish state and the “New Anti-Semitism."  A frequent contributor to the Miami Herald, Ha’aretz, and other international publications.
Danny Brom, clinical psychologist and founding director of the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, discussing the universal challenges facing parents around the world in raising young people to cope with today’s pressures. Jorge Grunberg, one of the leading experts in the world on economic growth and its impact on education in Latin America.  He has done extensive research and published numerous papers on the use of information technologies in education today.